About our political party you know people like the president, Benoît Lutgen. You know that this minister mayor or municipal councillor is from the cdH. You heard about the "humanists" or "democratic humanists." You may have seen that our colour is orange.

What else ?

The cdH is the “Humanist” “Democratic” “Centre”. Three simple words. Yet, they need to be defined.


Political parties stretch from the extreme left to the extreme right.

The cdH is at the centre. But not as a pale synthesis between one and other. We do not place ourselves "between" the right and the left but rather "beyond."

We gather. We are open to everyone, regardless of their origins, status and beliefs. And what unites us is the general interest AND self-fulfilment.

This requires making clear choices and priorities and to have a firm and clear way to take responsibility for them. This is a strong position.



To affirm oneself as democratic may seem superfluous. Don’t we live in a democracy? Don’t we trust our institutions?

True. But we must remain vigilant. The society is changing. Internet and sciences open new spaces. Human Rights can be threatened. Democracy is not static. Democracy is a learning process requiring law enforcement, the promotion of respect for one another and everyone’s participation.

It is essential to train responsible citizens that the State can trust to carry out, alone or in the framework of associations, projects  helping to build a more just and inclusive society.



To be humanist boils down to one question: "And the human being in all this?" It is important to think about this before taking any decision. Progress is meaningless if it doesn’t allow every person to find happiness. Self-fulfilment is thus our political priority.

We are not talking here about individuals living independently from one another, nor about anonymous members of an overwhelming community.

We rather think about human beings considered and respected in all their social, cultural, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions. We think about the people in their personal relationships with each other.

This relationship is called brotherhood. Grand and precious, it gives meaning to our lives.


Better living is possible!

The Centre Démocrate Humaniste (cdH) 10 key priorities for the upcoming elections

1. More trust in teachers, more autonomy to schools

The cdH wants to give teachers more freedom to achieve educational goals and headmasters with greater flexibility using their resources. 50.000 new schools places will be created.

2. Encouraging extracurricular activities at school

The school must build on basic skills (reading, writing, speaking, inventing, the understanding of the world). The cdH proposes that schools could also host therein, cultural, sporting and creative activities according to everyone’s rhythm of life.

3. Reducing to 0% contributions on first job

Working, is to build our own life and future. In order to make sure that every young person gets a good start in life, we want to reduce employer social contributions to 0%, so all youth start off even at their first professional job experience. 

4. SMEs single contact person

Each company must have a single contact person for all administrative procedures. Whatever the question, this unique official will be responsible for providing the appropriate response as well as coordinating and monitoring between administrations.

5. Revolutionizing taxation 

Increase human development by reducing taxes on workers, and incrementing them on speculators, fraudsters and polluters, by doing so we can create at least 140,000 more job opportunities.

6. Helping senior to stay at home

The cdH wants to set up an independent- insurance  which could cover the costs of home care services for people in need. Moreover, we put forward homes and neighbourhoods where generations can live together.

7. Creating the most human new city

In order to accommodate 380,000 residents in 15 years, we want to build new neighbourhoods and a new city on a human scale, generating more links between people and easygoing (daily shops, services, and transport).

8. An express carpooling network

A carpooling network should be created, a highway RER (Regional Express Network) with a digital platform, a reserved lane on the highway, boarding stations and a easily return guarantee.

9. Helping young people buy their first home

The cdh proposes the youth formula to acquire the first house: borrowing from a bank the amount of money to cover the house not the land that it sits on, that if interested can be acquired later on and the registration fees will be payable in 10 years.

10.  Faster reaction of justice and police

Living together implies respecting the rules and the safety of everyone. For the cdH, the police must act quickly; just punishments with appropriate reparation, and if needed a final judgment during the year for inadequate behaviour or crimes.